2 comments on ““The Shareable Future of Cities”

  1. I agree with you on the last question! I think Norfolk does have a problem with the run off systems causing the roads to flood and it can be quite annoying. I think if we could use that run off water and re use it somehow Norfolk could save millions on water usage.

  2. Really nice set of responses for this activity.

    “In Norfolk I’m sure we have vacant spaces and can utilize that space. Just being able to figuring out what services can be done in that space will need some thought.”

    Yes, it’ll take looking at these spaces and seeing them not as they are but what they could become. Not an easy thing to do if the community has been looking at the same space for a long time. Although the temptation might be better to level the area and start over, depending on the history of the space, it may be better for the community to retrofit — more meaningful since the history is kept but it’s being used for what people need now.

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